“Touching, quirky, loving and tough – this poem achieves all this at once, with strong words and phrases, none unnecessary, none false. Thoughts flow in a surreal sequence we don’t ordinarily think of, tumbling like a dream, from the pen to the bottom of the ocean floor, and yet, we know the poet is honest and she’s right.” – Florence Sage, Hipfish

Reviews of Sea Change

**Elizabeth Simson’s outstanding chapbook Sea Change (Finishing Line, 2005) gives us poems that resonate with human experiences in words that are direct and necessary. Her clear voice is confident and we go willingly along as she chronicles the losses and strengths of our lives by recounting her own stories. Recommended. and (new 2006)

Jennifer MacPherson, Comstock Review

Praise for Sea Change

Driving cross-country, alone or with a skeleton sitting beside her, Elizabeth Simson knows where she’s going and takes the reader along. Here is a poet whose voice is clear as she wanders the gardens and deserts of one woman’s truth, where a cracked cup can still hold emotion, and “any new thing, be it wild, tangled, or small, is still possible.” A powerful first book.

–- Joyce La Mers
Author of Grandma Rationalizes An Enthusiasm for Skydiving

* * *

Elizabeth Simson is a superb poet, combining intellect with emotion. Her words go from love, to wound, to rage, to emptiness and back to promise. Her language skill “one-eyed tumbleweeds” is remarkable as is her keen perception of others, even herself.

–-Elnora McNaughton
Author of Hold the Moon Bursting

* * *

Sea Change by Elizabeth Simson, with its 19 spare poems, heralds a new voice which crisscrosses the recognizable terrain of Barstow, Los Angeles and Portland, with the terrain of the imagination where wide rivers “destined for an ancient ocean” jostle with “the bright breath on my back.” Ms. Simson isn’t afraid to ask, “how much of what we remember ceases to be true?” and to boldly state, “Look, here, this poem is proof…”

The editors at Finishing Line Press are to be commended for publishing these fine poems, this unwavering clear voice.

–-Jackson Wheeler
Editor, SOLO: A Journal of Poetry (1995-2005)
Author of Swimming Past Iceland and A Near Country: Poems of Loss

* * *

Elizabeth Simson’s poems in Sea Change take us on the road across a continent, then down to the nitty-gritty of country life. Her imagery is rich, expansive, and yet contained in the smallest of details, coping with loss juxtaposed with everything alive – right down to peas in the garden.

–-Shelley Savren
Author of The Common Fire

* * *

Elizabeth Simson’s words are spare, honest and direct. She writes of losses, disappointments and joys in a way that is personal but will resonate with readers of all ages and experiences. Elizabeth’s poems are, as with all good poems, rich with multiple layers of meaning and invited repeated readings.

Sea Change by Elizabeth Simson should be with your collection of fine poets.

–-Doris Vernon, M.A.

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