Your Room

Dear bug,

You haven’t come into our lives yet, but we can’t wait to meet you!

Last weekend we worked on getting your room ready. For the past two years your mommy and I have been secretly buying things and putting them in a hope chest for you.

some of your things

So we pulled everything out and it turns out we have a few things!

You have a set of bibs that say MUNCH and CHOMP. You have a scrapbook with animals stickers. You have a soft Halloween book with a kitty cat that looks just like your Paw. (You haven’t met him yet, but he is very furry and orange.)

We set up a crib for you. Your Mommy was very handy with a screwdriver and put together a bookshelf for your books and toys.

some of your books

Mutti went to Target and got you a super soft blanket and the cutest little owl bin that matches the decals on the walls.

The squirrel is Mutti's favorite...

...and the hedgehog is Mama's favorite.

You might like the owl.

Everything is very gender neutral, I promise.

Tonight I was very disappointed to see that the Paw has decided your crib is a nice place to sleep. 


I bet when you get here he won’t climb in there. I told him you were on your way. I don’t think he understands. But I do.

Sleep well, baby.

In the Beginning

Dear bug,

There are a lot of these adoption diaries on the interwebs. Your mommy and I resisted creating one because it felt too personal. Also, we didn’t want to be like everyone else. Now that it has been 18 months since we started waiting for you, I think the whole world knows we want to be parents! (Even Cameroon and Nigeria got the message because we get spam from there all the time!)

So since we’re waiting and the whole world knows anyway, I thought I’d start writing to you.

I made a book for you and Mommy, way back in the beginning, in December 2010. Here are the first few pages.

A Song

In the beginning it was dark...

...but there was a star.

...and inside the star were a thousand-thousand worlds, like leaves in a forest.

You and I were there, but we didn't know each other...

When you get here I’ll show you the whole book. And maybe we’ll write our own book, me and you together.

I hope that you are safe and loved. I am sending you so many blessings, little one.

Love always,