Your Name

Hi squeak,

We have, all three of us, decided on your name!

We met at the agency today to sign a piece of paperwork called an “Openness Agreement.” It basically says how your three mommies plan to build a family together that you can count on, one that will love and support you no matter what. This paper was just for the agency and the lawyers, but it was like a small step toward the covenant we are writing.

Why a covenant? Well, a covenant is a sacred agreement, like the rainbow that God showed to the people on the ark, promising to keep the Earth safe. A covenant is a promise that you keep with your whole heart. Your Mutti and Mama covenant to claim and love and raise you while nurturing a close relationship with your Tummy Mommy and her family. And your Tummy Mommy and her family covenant to entrust your Mutti and Mama to care for you. That is such a big thing. So this was just one little step but it felt like a HUGE HUGE thing and made Mutti cry a bunch in the car afterwards.

Your Tummy Mommy is so amazing. She told us she had begun calling you E– and that’s when Mutti’s heart leaped and she thought your name was really true and right. We three mommies talked about names at the Chinese Garden several weeks ago. We thought of Brielle, Maya, and Mia. Then Mutti and Mama talked at home and thought of Spanish names to honor the stories of your great-grandfather who worked his way from Mexico to Sacramento during the 30s and 40s. Mama said “what about E–?” and Mutti’s heart did a little whirl of happiness and she said YES! So we asked Tummy Mommy and she liked it, too, and thought your name is unique but not so unique that everyone at school will mispronounce it.

Then there’s this woman in the movies who is very good with a sword.

I hope you like your name, that it suits you. You can be Elle or Lea. Really, you can be whoever you like, squeak, and we will love you completely.

The time is getting short and we can’t wait to meet you. Stay safe, little one, and dream big dreams.

So much love,
your Mutti