The Sky is a Funny Shade of Orange

Dear bug,

I have been thinking about so much lately and hoping you are safe. A few nights ago, Mutti had a bad dream. I didn’t want to write about it, because I want my letters to you to be only full of good things. But sometimes nightmares do happen. In Mutti’s dream she was running and running to try and find you, but she kept getting lost. You were calling and calling. *shiver* It was a scary dream.

Sometimes it feels like we are so far apart, we might never find our way to each other. Feeling discouraged when something is taking a super long time is normal though. Your Mutti is a regular person like everyone else. I want MY WAY! Right now I really really really REALLY want to meet you.

Guess what? Lately we’ve had lightning and thunderstorms! They are unusual for us here in Oregon. Mama loves them because they remind her of Kentucky.

Last night we sat in the living room and watched the sky turn a funny shade of not-quite-orange.

pdx photo by

Outside the lightning flashed and the thunder boomed.

Mama laughed. Mutti jumped. Paw ran and hid where it was safe. Mama held Mutti’s hand for a while. When the thunder stopped, Paw came out and mommies snuggled.

When the world outside is scary, when nightmares come, when we feel discouraged, it is so good to have someone to snuggle with.

I don’t know WHY is taking so long for us to find each other, but I am right here, waiting.

I promise you comfort after nightmares, cuddles during storms, and cheering up when you feel discouraged.

Love always and always and always,