I write about open adoption, parenting, poetry, women’s spirituality and more.

An adoptive mom, I am blessed beyond counting to have a close relationship with our daughter’s tummy mommy. My wife is a birth mom and adoptee. These relationships give me the opportunity to look at adoption from a perspective outside my own.

In addition to writing about parenting, I’m passionate about public education and anti-racist practice.

Why ‘Poemfish’?

Poemfish is the way we speak when we are dreaming, the words that we invent to keep one pinky finger hooked into hope. I discovered Susan Wooldridge’s book Poemcrazy just as my poems began making their way out into the world. This web site began long ago (pre Y2K! yes, there was an interweb then) as a tribute to the poemcrazy people of this world, and a commitment to myself, to keep swimming.

Here is a quote from Susan’s poem:

“When the poemfish moves
The sea lights up
With stars that dip and swim…
The poemfish lives in the night ocean.
If you sleep mouth open,
The poemfish might swim in.
You’ll dream salty words
That swim away sideways, slow.”

– Susan Wooldridge, Poemcrazy